Treasuries in Miniature – Snow Dome Decorations

My blog has moved and changed name to DESIGN SODA, I’d love it if you followed along with my new content there.


Snow Globe decoration Anthropologie 1 Sometimes, something which you’ve been thinking of suddenly pops up everywhere you look! Either you have unconsciously tapped into a zeitgeist subliminally absorbing a trend, or you are noticing objects because of a connection already articulated in recent memory. Now I’m sure there is a very cynical marketing answer to this, but at the beginning of Autumn I found myself rueing a wonderful collection of snow globes I threw away several years ago.

Low and behold, some weeks later, there are a zillion Christmas hanging decorations on the market which take their cue from traditional snow globes. Much like the stags, bells, Nordic prints & owls of yesteryear, it is nearly impossible to look at any high street stores  decorations in 2013 without finding a knowingly kitsch cloche style hanging decoration or snow globe.  I pretty much adore all of them, on the same principle as I love terrariums –  as miniature treasuries of display, curiosity or sparkle.

Some are absolutely enchanting. I bought the deer globe at the top of this post for £12 from Anthropologie (also retailing at more than double the price in Selfridges!). Here is an assortment of my favourite globes currently bombarding the market, from the kitsch to the pretty, the simple to the ornate:

Party Dog Cloche Angel at My tableMarks Spencer Snow Globe Christmas
Party Dog Mini Glass Cloche £15 from Angel at My Table.
Nativity Scene Dome, £25 from Marks & Spencer.
Anthropologie Snow Globe Christmas  Decoration1original_ornamental-party-dog-christmas-globe
Castle Globe Decoration £16 at Anthropologie.
Bulldog in Gold Top hat Globe £12 from Heals.
Rockett St George Snow Globe Christmas Decoration Butterfly Bauble M&S
Bird in Glass Dome Xmas Decoration, £9.50 Rockett St George.
Long Butterfly Bauble £6 from Marks & Spencer.
French Bulldog Sequined bauble SelfridgesMarks & Spencer  Snow Globe Christmas Decoration
French Bulldog Sequined Bauble, £22.95 Selfridges.
Robin Bell Jar Decoration, £6 Marks & Spencer.
Paperchase Tree Snow Globe DecorationJohn Lewis Snow Globe Christmas Decoration
Christmas Tree Snow Globe Decoration, £6 from Paperchase.
Vintage House Dome Decoration, £4 from John Lewis.
Paperchase Kitsch Snow Globe DecorationgRAHAM & gREEN  Snow Globe Christmas Decoration
Set of 3 Snowglobe Characters, £15 from Paperchase.
Polar Bear Snow Globe, £12 Graham & Green.
gRAHAM & gREEN  Snow Globe Christmas Decoration 1Selfridges Forest Owl Glass Bauble
Penguin Snow Globe, £12, Graham & Green.
Forest Owl Glass bauble, £26.95, Selfridges.
graham & Green Snowglobe.Selfridges Woodland Scene Bauble
Snowdoll Snow Globe, £12, Graham & Green.
Woodland Scene bauble, £24.95, Selfridges.

And for those who like a Christmas craft to keep them occupied on wintery evenings, here are some online inspirations for d.i.y cloche displays and mason jar snow globes. I don’t know how, but you may be able to guess I have a slight propensity for deers in the holiday season!

Freedom-1024-800x1200  IMG_7092

Deer-in-SnowOr, for a super easy personalised display, brilliant company RE (whom I adore), have brought out a lovely clear bauble with lid for £3 for you to fill with whatever you fancy. I’d fill mine with glittery acorns, what would you do?Re Glass Bauble decoration with lid

My blog has moved and changed name to DESIGN SODA, I’d love it if you followed along with my new content there.


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