What The Mice Saw From The Promenade…Part 4

My blog has moved and changed name to DESIGN SODA, I’d love it if you followed along with my new content there.


Whitby is a beautiful coastal village on Yorkshires East Coast filled with junk shops, gothic splendour and a trade in oddities. From the ruins of Whitby Abbey which inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula to cafes named after Lewis Carroll’s wonderland poem The Walrus & Carpenter to the waterfront bar named after Somerset Maugham’s Moon & Sixpence, Whitby has a decidedly literary & nostalgic feel. It hosts an annual Gothic weekend, boasts a boutique guesthouse with literary themed rooms and contains a plethora of vintage junk shops. This is the town responsible for us arriving in Yorkshire with one overnight bag and going back on a packed Edinburgh festival train with three. Here is my final photo diary, decidedly less pastel-y, of what the mice saw on their field-trip, starting with what we bought:

Vintage Finds from Whitby:

f726408406c311e3962522000ae80eca_7I adore Toy Soldiers, just enchanting, my first junk shop find 
in Whitby for £8.
Our Favourite Purchase - a device for measuring the speed of flight!

IMG_5761 IMG_5760
      Vintage Concertina Travel camera - bought for £12.
lighterMagnificent Ship Lighter £6 to compliment the Sobranie Cocktail
 Cigarettes my father-in-law bought me on our trip.
Fantastic Packaging - Bolivar Cigars, I love this so much that upon 
my return home I hunted down an empty box on eBay £2.

The Sights of  Whitby – both picturesque & macabre:

IMG_5701Waterfront Houses
IMG_5703The dead sloping towards the sea.
Bram Stokers Muse - The Abbey - a brooding gothic paradise.
The Abbey Emerging from behind the graves at Whitby Church.
Port & Lighthouses.
.  whitby1Whitby looking out to sea.

My blog has moved and changed name to DESIGN SODA, I’d love it if you followed along with my new content there.



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