What The Mice Saw from The Promenade…Part 3

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In my penultimate instalment of seaside visits I give you Margate, a town which up until a few years ago may have been best summed up by the Morrissey lyric ‘The coastal town that they forgot to close down’. It has been in decline for decades, overlooked next to its experienced swisher sisters in Whitstable & Broadstairs, it has arcades, a dilapidated pleasure beach and not much else to recommend it to the passing train passenger. But with the opening of the Turner gallery in 2010 and a trickling influx of ex-Hackney-hipsters the town is beginning to show signs of a renaissance. There are shoots of gentrification in the form of retro tea rooms, boutiques and over-priced jumble sales. However there is still something very wistful and maudlin about Margate.

I went with my two bestest friends Kathryn & Lizzie, partly to see the Curiosity exhibition at the Turner gallery, and partly as a final hurrah before one of my dearests goes travelling, here’s my photo diary of a gloriously fun and incessantly rain soaked day:

IMG_6109Two solitary beach huts on the sea front.
IMG_6129Remnants of the Pleasure beach, set to return in 2015 complete with
 Ferris Wheel attraction!
IMG_6107Ice-Cream Cone Railing.
IMG_6124Lady of Mar - Shell lady looking out to sea.
IMG_6125Margate Dreamlands - closed down but recently awarded heritage status.
IMG_6111The Mad Hatters Tearoom - closed every day except Saturday!
IMG_6135Shaving Brush Badger taxidermy in one of Margate's new trendy
 junk shops Hunky Dory.
IMG_6122Post-halcyon W.Shaw.
IMG_6115Sea Mizzle.
IMG_6127One of my favourite curiosities at the traveling Hayward exhibition.
IMG_6136Optimistically placed deck chair in the drizzle.
IMG_6105The view from a dilapidated hotel.
IMG_6131Martgate's magnificent shell grotto bequeathed anonymously in 1835.
IMG_6132 IMG_6134Tudor House restoration challenge.
IMG_6137Catch of the day - river boat and pastel Georgian Houses.
IMG_6106Desolate coastline reminiscent of Dungeness.
IMG_6147Souvenirs of a day-trip.

Final mention to the work of artist Ann Carrington whose resplendently surreal work I came across when trying to find out the name of the shell lady looking out to see:shell-ladies-9

My blog has moved and changed name to DESIGN SODA, I’d love it if you followed along with my new content there.



2 thoughts on “What The Mice Saw from The Promenade…Part 3

  1. Love Margate- did you see the sunset- skies amazing in Thanet, Turner (who lived and painted in Margate) called them the loveliest in all of Europe?

    • Wow, sounds like I missed something, we got the train back to London just before sunset 😦 I liked one of your pics on Instagram – Love Lane – then the next day I saw where you took it in Margate! We must do coffee soon, feels like an age since we last had a catch up… Xxx

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